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Lessons in People Power: Activists from Hong Kong and Puerto Rico on How to Defeat Trump

Topic: Lessons in People Power: Activists from Hong Kong and Puerto Rico on How to Defeat Trump

Time: Tuesday, September 10 at 8:30 ET / 5:30 PT

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Hosts: By the People and Impeachment University

This summer, the people of Puerto Rico and Hong Kong showed the world how to stand up to corrupt and undemocratic leaders. Unprecedented protests in Puerto Rico forced the resignation of the embattled governor within the span of two weeks. For months, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has drawn millions into the streets.  

Meanwhile, a racist, liar, and cheat remains in the White House. What can we learn from these movements in the fight to impeach Trump?

On September 10, join By the People and Impeachment University in conversation with activists from Hong Kong and Puerto Rico as they share lessons on how to use people power to strengthen democracy, transform what’s politically possible, and create lasting change. 

As Trump incites racist violence, illegally separates families, and openly seeks to profit from the presidency, we the people are challenged to rise up and defend our democracy. It’s clear that Congress will not act to hold Trump accountable unless we make it a political necessity for them to do so. In this webinar, we’ll learn how Hong Kong and Puerto Rico have harnessed the power of protest to change everything — and how we can create that groundswell here

Featured Speakers

Sara Vazquez Melendez is an anthropologist, farmer, activist and educator in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Through her school in civil resistance, and her agroecology farm, she provides a framework for decolonization, as well as methods for building an alternative future. For more background on the protest movement in Puerto Rico, see her recent article: What’s Next In Puerto Rico’s Movement for Justice and Democracy.

Johnson Ching-Yin Yeung is a human rights activist in Hong Kong. Yeung was an organizer of the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement; the spokesman of Civil Human Rights Front, a platform of Hong Kong NGOs and pro-democracy political parties; and Deputy Secretary-General of the Federation of Students. For more background on the protests in Hong Kong, see CNN: Hong Kong protest timeline: The evolution of a movement.

By the People is a grassroots movement—powered by volunteers like you—to impeach Trump and make an America that finally works for all of us.

Impeachment University is a series of weekly online webinars to educate and engage on the urgent necessity of launching an impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

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