Impeachment University: Week One

Week One features a discussion with Representative Pramila Jayapal, a member of the House Judiciary Committee; former Representative Elizabeth Holtzman, author of The Case for Impeaching Trump; Ron Fein, Legal Director for Free Speech for People; David Sievers, Campaign Director for MoveOn; and Alexandra Flores-Quilty, Organizer at By the People.

Impeachment University: Week Two

Impeachment University: Week Two features US Representative Al Green, TX-09, as well as Ron Fein, Legal Director at Free Speech for People; Nathaly Arriola, Executive Director of Need to Impeach; and Shannon Stagman, an organizer with Empire State Indivisible in New York City.

Impeachment University: Week Three

This week, Impeachment University is joined by By the People’s Alexandra Flores-Quilty, Just Security Co-Editor-in-Chief and NYU Law Professor Ryan Goodman, and Diane Russell, who participated in an impeachment effort targeting Governor Paul LePage in Maine.

Impeachment University: Week Four

This summer, the people of Puerto Rico and Hong Kong showed the world how to stand up to corrupt and undemocratic leaders. Unprecedented protests in Puerto Rico forced the resignation of the embattled governor within the span of two weeks. For months, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has drawn millions into the streets. Meanwhile, a racist, liar, and cheat remains in the White House. What can we learn from these movements in the fight to impeach Trump? For week four, Impeachment University partners with By the People to learn more from activists on the ground.

Impeachment University: Week Five

The House of Representatives has moved to open a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s abuses of power. Join Impeachment University for a discussion with John Bonifaz, Free Speech for People; Alexandra Flores-Quilty, By the People; and Ryan Goodman, NYU Law and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Just Security; and Paul S. Ryan, Common Cause.